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Meet Minerva

Minerva - The Whimsy Caravan - is a custom built gypsy wagon named after the goddess Minerva - Goddess of poetry, music, handicrafts, art and commerce. Our Minerva is a Mobile Event business based out of Catonsville, Maryland. She was completed and ready to roll in 2020 just as the pandemic hit full force. We built her with the goal of turning her into a vendor caravan peddling our wares from town to town, hitting our favorite festivals along the way. With our, unforeseen, downtime and inability to get her out to the public, we were really able to sit back and dream up her endless possibilities. We loved seeing our neighbors and friends go inside and start spit firing ideas of all the things they imagined Minerva could be. "An ice cream truck, a face paint booth, a champagne bar..." That's when it hit us - why not do it all and give the people what they want? In true Gypsy fashion Minerva could be ever changing. That is how our party rentals were born - and just in time for small birthdays and intimate gatherings. We are still staying true to our initial vision and popping up locally with seasonal wares and art workshops for all ages. We love that you're here tuning into our adventure.  Follow us on Instagram for more whimsy, pop up dates and locations. @thewhimsycaravan

meet Jasika

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Hi! I am Jasika - Mobile Hostess and bringer of whimsy! I am absolutely delighted that you are here, my friend. I am a native Baltimorean, momma of two little fairies, dog rescue-r, pony lover, stylist, designer, maker (and part time witch). 

I have been in the wedding industry for 20 years (gulp). Bridal and Editorial Hair Stylist for 13 of them and 1,800 of my handmade hats and headpieces have traveled the globe. My wedding work has been published in British Vogue, Martha Weddings, The Wall Street Journal, The Knot, The Washingtonian, Southern Weddings, Baltimore Weddings and many more.


My passion in life and in work is to create bold and unforgettable moments. With a love of on-a- whim adventures, day tripping and making every experience live up to its daydream has led me here. I want to create inspired, thoughtful experiences for each of my clients that will fulfill their most whimsical imaginings. 

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